How do you know if it’s the Right Time to Buy a Home?

16 Nov
A house and a clock

Is it the right time?

You may have thought buying a home would be a great idea, especially if your family is growing in size. But before you make that final decision, there are some important questions that you should seriously consider.

The following questions will actually help you identify the right time to purchase your first home:

  • Do you see yourself living in your new place for a long time? If you think you are unable to remain in one location for at least two years, it may not be the wisest idea to own your own home. Just the cost of the transaction involved in buying and selling homes can easily result in a loss of a considerable amount should you choose to sell your property sooner, even in the rising market economy. Obviously, when market prices are going down, you can expect an even worse scenario.
  • How is your credit history, is it clean? If you’re not the top 1% most likely, you will be required to secure a mortgage for your new home purchase. In this case, it is a must that you check and ensure your credit history is free of any issues that could complicate your approval of the mortgage. A few weeks or months prior to searching for a home, you may want to pull up your credit report copies. All the facts you’ll need can by acquired by a simple inquiry into any of the 3 credit rating agencies.
  • Can you afford this new home? Normally, you want to buy a home two and a half times your yearly salary. Hands counting coinsAnd there are online calculators you can use at your convenience for better income management. Factor in your debt as well as expenses that could directly affect the amount you can afford.
  • What about children?  One of the most important questions that will affect your decision is if you have children. And of course what about your children going to school? So if you do have children, you will most certainly want to pick a property in a location surrounded by good schools. The big positive about it however, is that choosing a home with good schools in the area is a good option regardless if you have kids.  In the future, should you decide to sell your home, the buyer will be that much easier to find. Strong school districts are top priority for many homebuyers. And usually retain prices a lot better.

If you are unable to come up with a now usual down payment requirement of 20%, do not worry. You may still be eligible to qualify for a loan. There are public as well as private lenders that provide low-interest mortgages if you’re qualified. Sometimes you can even get as low as 3% down payment of the whole price. Be on a look out for these, ask your friends and family members, even ask that they ask their friends and make sure to follow up and be vigilant in choosing your lenders.

So now that you have found a lender, answered all the questions and calculated your income, only now you can start looking for your dream home. Don’t rush and don’t jump in the first good looking “deal” you find. Remember it’s most likely going to be the biggest purchase you make in your entire life. Give it some time to ripen.

Thank you for your readership, make sure to leave some comments, questions and for more info on buying and selling real estate make sure to read the Pacific Property Transfer Squidoo page.

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