21 Nov

Good Monday Morning! Hope everyone had an Excellent weekend. Here at PT we had a rather unusual weekend!

On Sunday we left our office attire and swapped it for dirty jeans and torn up shoes. Why? Because we went Of-road! 😀 Packed up a car and a van full of geeks and of we went to Mojave desert.

A bit of an issue – it was raining.. But since we had this trip in the planning for three weeks we bit the bullet and went anyway. Needless to say that our jackets did not do us any good and we’d rather have brought towels not jackets! 😀

Regardless of the rain and the mud and the two broken handlebars the whole Pacific Transfer “crew” (yes we’re a crew in the desert) had such an incredibly fun time it is hard to describe. Oh and yes those countless falls face first in the mud, rolls of a hill and we’re all safe and sound! 🙂

At the end of the day it got dark, we all gathered around a fire pit exchanging stories and watched our clothes steaming. It was bonding at its best.
All we want to say is Thank You Pacific Property Transfer for this excellent trip. We’ll make sure you get as much pleasure from it as we did!

Best Regards,
Your Loyal Pacific Property Transfer Employees!

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