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Fresh of the grill 3 Things affecting the Sale of Your Property http://ping.fm/TrWe6

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I thought my updated and interesting Squidoo lens was worth sharing with you guys http://ping.fm/gR7l7

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New Hub on bad neighbors “Choosing your Neighbors” http://ping.fm/lSlde I need your comments!

Great comment I wrote someone that’s worth reposting

7 Nov

Well obviously money is not an answer to all life’s problems but it does provide one with options.

And by that I mean that when you are the decision maker and not the government. Career politicians are not there for the good of man kind NO! They’re like everyone else there for the Money! It’s simply their job.

Thus said let’s talk about these occupy wall street series protests.
As we all know banks and corporations existing have a number 1 priority on their lists – To Make a Profit. And they will do it any way possible.

Politicians job in my humble opinion is to, this is important – give equal OPPORTUNITIES.(notice word opportunities not equal $dollar amount to everyone) That’s how this great country was built in fact…

Now however… when politicians DECIDE that these corporations need to get more than everyone else in a form of a bail out, that’s when the whole economy starts going sideways.

What influences these decisions we can only speculate but the hard fact is that OF COURSE the corporations will take the hand out it’s their #1 priority.

And who’s the bad guy here? Why are we going after these business men and women? They’re not in charge of creating the playing field!

SOLUTION: There’s only 430 something of these fellas sitting in the big house and there’s what 312 million Americans out there, that’s almost a million people per member (725581 to be exact :)) we can handle that.

Got a little carried away here but yeah… That’s my humble opinion..

7 Nov

Fresh of the grill article on quote “Concerns when Buying a Home” http://wp.me/p1WVS7-t /via @wordpressdotcom

Concerns when Buying a Home

7 Nov

Buying your own home is probably a dream you had since you were a child. When you finally get to it, you might find that it is as

Perfect Dream Home

Your Perfect Dream Home

exciting, as it is stressful at most times. Sometimes, it is because it is one huge financial investment and you are pressured to not make any mistakes. Sometimes, it is because you have so many options. On other occasions, you simply don’t know where to start.

So what exactly do you want?

You, too, have probably been asked to draw, paint or make a poster of your dream home when you were younger. As you had the freedom to make your dream home into anything, you may have drawn the most elaborate home that you had ever imagined. However, it may not be the case when actually buying a home. Oftentimes, you’d be restricted by different factors that will make you trim down the home that you want into the home that you actually need.

How big is the home that you’d like to buy? This often depends on the size of the household. Are you single? Are you getting married? If you are, are you planning to have children? Where do you want your home to be located? Do you want to get a home in the city or in the countryside? When choosing a location, you’d also want to consider many factors such as accessibility, proximity to your work place and availability of public transport. You would also need to consider the kind of environment. Is it safe?  Is it crowded? If you are concerned about your health, and generally, you should be, you’d also want to look for a location with fresh air, plants and trees in the neighborhood.

The list of your requirements for what you want could go on and on. If you have a real estate agent, discuss with him or her all these requirements that you have so he or she can help you better in getting the home you need.

Your Home SliceWhat’s your budget?

How much can you afford is a big question as well. Some may advise that you’d need to set your budget first before setting your requirements. Others do it the other way around. In whichever way you prefer, budget must always be defined. Once you have, determine all other financial matters that you need to help you in purchasing your home such as consolidating your debts, maximizing your money by using high-interest accounts, and checking your credit rating. That way, you will find it much easier to start looking.

Article sourced from Pacific Property Transfer.

4 Nov

Ahhh.. Finally internet is BACK! I thought we live in 21st century and internet black outs are a thing of the past… I guess not…